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86 Years Young, Going 100 MPH!

Today we talk to New Yorker, James Flaherty, who has wonderful sense of humor, great words of inspiration, and an excellent retirement journey! Jim has written a new book titled Dear Old Friends , a reminder to live life to it's fullest and never stop dancing. We enjoyed our talk and promise you will too! We can't wait to read his new book! Enjoy our new friend Jim! You will fall in love with him too!

Show Notes

00:54 Curt's life lesson from his best selling book, Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:28 Jim's new book is Dear Old Friends a Loving Reminder the Band Won't Stop Playing Till You Stop Dancing You can get it here:

08:47 Brene` Brown quotes of inspiration

21:12 Jim tells us about "passions" the reasons we get up in the morning and live life to it's fullest!

22:42 Jim's traveling advice.

30:42 Jim's spin on the "golden rule." Jim says, "You get what you give!"

36:31 Jim's website

36:44 Links to James' other two novels Clare: Wife, Mother Mistress...Murderer? and The Role of a Lifetime: A Woman Reinvents Herself...For Good...And Bad

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