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A Bee***utiful Hobby!

In this episode we talk to a Dawn who has taken up Bee keeping in retirement and is now a professional bee keeper! Dawn Beck has all the buzz on how and why we should watch out for this exceptional flying insect. We have heard all the talk lately about the bee situation in our country and how important the honey bee is to our lives and Dawn is doing her part to help! In her retirement, Dawn has made the honey bee and her local grown honey a priority! I bet you might just go find some locally produced liquid gold after listening!

Show Notes

00:50 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons From a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

04:25 Dawn talks about starting her bee keeping life. Learn about this hobby here:

05:33 How many bees in a hive? Dawn tells us here! You can buy your hive here:

06:58 Dawn tells all about "royal jelly." Learn more here:

11:30 Do bee keepers need protection? Dawn talks about that topic here:

14:50 Dawn talks about the "need for pollinators" in our lives.

17:00 Dawn tells us what a new beekeeper needs for this hobby here. Look at this site for more information:

18:26 Learn about bee hives on tap (also called a flow hive) here: Is this the best method? Dawn tells us why she doesn't care for this type of honey collection.

21:05 We learn about the biggest predator of the the honey bees. Learn about the Varroa mite here:

24:03 Dawn teaches us the difference between honey bees, sweat bees, wasps, and hornets.

27:00 Dawn talks about the benefits of honey here.

30:00 Some very interesting bee and bee keeping statistics here! Listen to the end for some amazing facts!

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