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Advantages of Travel Advisors!

We have found out in retirement that there are two types of who plans the trips and one who encourages that planner! Curt is definitely the planner and I love being the encourager! However, planning trips can be stressful so many retired people use travel companies to help them take awesome adventures without the stress. Today we talk to Kate Newland about her travel company and services.

Show Notes

00:51 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here: 

03:00 Kate talks about why she left education to start her own travel company.

04:32 What is a "modern travel agency"? Kate explains that here.

06:39 Kate refers to herself as a "travel advisor" not a travel agent. She explains why here.

09:36 Kate talks about "where" the hot spots for travel is right now.

10:47 Kate loves European River Cruises. She talks about them here.

16:38 Kate talks about trip insurance (protection). We have used Global Alliance in the past and it was worth the premium. Learn about that company here:

Another company is Travel Insured. Learn about this company here:

25:33 Kate's recommendation of the "best" place and "time" to visit for the first time European traveler.

27:14 Kate's World Travel is the name of her travel agency. Learn more here:

33:07 Free walking tours information here:

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