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Apartments and AirBnBs Wherever We Go!

In this episode we meet Roy Allison and Janice Pratt! These two retirees have a love for travel and they do it well! Gone from their new home in South Carolina for months they travel around the USA and find great places to stop and stay. No RVing for these folks. They have a great system of finding the perfect housing for a great short term stay! Hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we did!

Show Notes

00:45 Curt's life lesson from his book, Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons From a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

03:50 Roy tells us about their "why" to road trip!

06:45 Mobility changes as we age for sure. Roy and Janice are getting "out there" and traveling now while they are healthy and active!

08:20 RVing is great, but these two found that their plan didn't involve an RV but utilizing AirBnbs!

10:47 We love how their family members fly to them and see new places!

11:44 Roy and Janice become the "tour guides!" They stay 2-3 months at a new place to learn about a new area and find all the great places.

14:16 Roy talks about how he finds their accommodations for each new place.

16:33 Janice talks about their "requirements" for housing.

17:55 Don't forget about Goodwill for those forgotten items! Great travel tip!

19:40 Roy talks about the budget for their retirement adventure.

21:20 Janice talks about how she handles the doctors appointments and routine medical/prescriptions.

23:40 What do they do for activities while on the road? These two love exploring and learning about their new area!

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