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Biking and Sailing in Croatia!

Today we meet friends Cherie Pinkerton and Lori Foulds from Manitoba, Canada! These two travel buddies met through work and found out that they share a passion in exploring new places! Curt and I met them on our bike and sail trip through Croatia and felt they would be the perfect pair to talk to about the amazing trip we all experienced! (We even talk about the one scary time that I almost bit the dust right in front of Cherie going up a very steep mountain pass as a tour bus passes us!) It is such a thrill when you meet new friends with common travel and retirement goals!

Show Notes

00:50 Sand and Sea Coffee and Tea is what we are drinking at the Liljedahl casa. You can find it with a discount here:

01:04 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here: 37

06:00 Cherie and Lori talk about the reasons why they chose this trip.

06:51 Game of Thrones fans this is the country you want to visit!

08:11 Learn about ebikes on Episode 33 Season 2 of AdventuRetired podcast

11:49 Split, Croatia Learn about this beautiful city here:,_Croatia

13:27 Booking. com and free walking tours information here

21:20 Food on the ship is discussed here.

23:53 Croatia islands

26:49 How much did this trip cost? Find out here.

29:09 Croatia is the land of steps and mountains. If you have mobility issues plan and prepare for your trip carefully.

31:36 Dubrovnik Buza Bar is a must! Learn about this great little bar here:

33:45 We travel with Patagonia Black Hole duffels and love them. Find out about them here:

37:16 Cherie and Lori give us an adventure suggestion for a future trip here: I think a trip here will be happening someday!

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