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Canadians in Cuba!!!

Cuba sounds like an exotic vacation for many of us in the United States. It has been closed to Americans since 1962 unless you have family there. We have seen in pictures the beautiful beaches and the pristine restored cars that line the boulevards and boardwalks. Now, Cuba is starting to open up a bit more for us here, however many Canadians have been traveling there throughout the years. In today's episode we meet France Champoux and Ken McDowell, a couple from Windsor, Ontario and they talk to us about the beautiful country and beaches of Cuba. Cuba is now on our bucket list of places to explore!

Show Notes

00:49 Curt's life lesson today! Find this one and more from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

02:39 Ken and France are from Windsor, Canada.,_Ontario

05:22 Ken and France tell us about vacationing in Cuba

06:25 Ken and France stayed in an all inclusive resort here: Cayo Santa Maria

08:20 Flight information to their resort area

11:19 Ken talks about the beautiful classic cars in Cuba

14:03 The all inclusive resort they stayed in was called Sanctuay Grand Memories Cayo Santa Maria

18:31 France tells us about the food in Cuba.

22:02 Are you safe in Cuba? France talks about this important topic here.

25:50 France and Ken give us their "you betcha " and "oh hell no" moments about Cuba here.

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