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Climbing into Retirement!

Today we talk to Jason Lee, a young retiree who is living his best retired life. Jason is one of the FIRE movement retirees and has found his purpose in his retirement. Climb a mountain? No problem for this guy! He has made mountaineering his retirement signature and is crushing it. We all know that health (mental and physical) is a major part of retirement and Jason tells us how he is using his health and wellness to set goals that keep him moving! Great job Jason and thank you for your service!

Show Notes

01:02 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

03:05 Jason talks about his early retirement here.

04:10 Jason tells us about his first mountain Table Mt. in Wyoming

07:54 Jason tells us how he gets ready for mountain climbing.

10:31 Jason tells us about his gear for multiple day climbs.

11:30 Jason talks about his fb groups that help him find other climbers and to share climbing news.

11:58 His most important piece of equipment is his GPS system

15:43 Jason's most challenging peak discussed here. Learn more about Lost River Peak here:

21:30 Jason talks about his worse weather climb here!

22:07 Learn about the wildlife he has met on his climbs here. Carry bear spray!

22:05 Jason talks about Search and Rescue.

28:51 Jason's mountain goals.

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