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Constant Cruiser!

Live on cruise ship most of the year? Sounds like an amazing retirement! Today we talk to Ric Irick, world traveler on a transatlantic cruise! (first time for us connecting to a guest on cruise ship for an interview)! Ric recently retired from his career in Washington D.C. and loves to travel! What better way to accomplish this than by back to back cruises. He tells us all his cruise secrets and hacks as he experiences a retirement journey many would love to copy! Great job Ric and Bon Voyage!

Show Notes

00:40 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here: 

01:30 Sand and Sea Coffee is our new favorite! You can get it here:

02:12 Ric is talking to us while cruising! The cruise liner he is a Royal Caribbean cruise.

09:30 Ric tells us about the cruisers who live on cruise ships like he does. Who are these people?

11:30 What is Ric's perfect schedule of cruising like? He tells us here.

13:07 Which perks are there for the seasoned cruiser? Learn about that here.

14:13 What ship is Ric calling us from? Symphony of the Seas. Check out this cruiser here:

17:00 Where does Ric like to cruise to? Find out here.

20:31 Ric breaks down the price of this adventure!

24: 00 What is his typical day like on the ship? Learn about it here.

25:00 What is in Ric's suitcase? How does he pack for these trips? Learn his tips here!

32:24 Ric talks about the "dangers" of cruise lifestyle...overeating and over drinking!

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