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East Coast Leaf Peepers!

Cindy and Larry Lubinus have embraced retirement with enthusiasm and family. You can find this couple traveling to sporting activities for their grandchildren as well as planning trips to special destinations in their Class A motor home. But today, we talk to them about a special road trip they took to experience the colors and sites of the NE during peak leaf season. This is a trip and title I long to take...becoming an official "leaf peeper!"

Show Notes

00:54 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here: 

04:19 The window of time that they traveled out east is discussed here.

05:50 Vermont leaf report is updated every year. Check out this website for more information:

05:57 Larry and Cindy checked out the Vermont Route 100 Scenic Drive for their trip. Learn about this famous highway here:

07:18 Make sure you stop and experience the maple tree tapping for syrup while you are there. Learn more here:

09:14 When and how long is the peak season? Learn that here.

10:40 Driving up the coast adventures discussed here.

13:50 Experiencing the little towns and villages in the NE was a highlight for them. They tell us about their great stops here.

15:17 One of their favorite places to experience was the town of Middlebury, VT. Learn about this special place here:

16:20 Accommodations talked about here.

19:30 Which state was their favorite? Find out here.

20:17 Ride a gondola in the fall to see leaves from up high. Learn about that here:

20:45 Niagara Falls sites were beautiful. Larry and Cindy recommend the Canadian side for spectacular views. For more information look here:

Boat trips to see the Falls.

Caves behind the falls are a must see. Learn about them here:

23:58 Information about the Finger Lakes of NY here:

24:04 Ticonderoga NY was a favorite stop for Larry and any Star Wars lover! Check this out:

24:41 A great stop was Vermont's Spirits Distilling Company. More about that here:

26:33 A new love for Tim Hortons coffee found in Canada!

31:05 Vermont's spectacular waterfalls. Learn about these beautiful sites here:

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