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Elephant Whisperer in Thailand

Have you had the chance to fulfill one of your bucket list adventures yet? As a retired person we have the time and hopefully the resources to do just that....and the list is endless! In this episode we meet educator Rick Brant who is set to retire in the next few years. We salute his career of 30 years as an special education educator and are excited for you to listen to his great pre-retirement adventure as an "elephant whisperer"! If this adventure is his standard...we can't wait to hear about all of the ones he has planned when he retires in three years.

Show Notes

00:52 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

03:12 Check out this site for a guide to ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand. The one Rick worked at is #4!

06:44 Who can do this adventure? Rick gives that information here.

08:50 Rick tells us about the weather while he was there. Plan your trip accordingly.

09:26 The sanctuary details here.

12:02 This sanctuary has a variety of animals. Rick talks about his experience specifics here.

12:50 How was the Thai food? Here is a picture of one of Rick's meals! Yum!!!

14:34 What is a typical day like on an elephant sanctuary? Ricks goes thru his day for us here. Special projects are part of each day.

16:30 What do the elephants eat? Banana balls! Learn about the elephant's diet here.

20:15 One special "project" job might be cleaning up after the elephants. The elephant "poop" is used for compost.

22:29 Lots of prepared if you are thinking about this adventure.

24:40 Feeding and walking elephants is a highlight!

27:27 Information about the staff here. English is not a problem.

30:00 Rick's "you betcha" and "ol hell no".

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