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Family Matter!

Recording your family history for the next generation!

Clytee in the green shirt researching her family history!

In this episode we talk to an expert on "all things family!" Genealogist, Clytee Gold from Salt Lake City, Utah, knows how important it is to record and document all those wonderful moments in history. She teaches us that through family history, we can learn the important stories that we want to pass down to future generations as we learn about ourselves.

Many retirees have this same passion, to record and pass on family stories and traditions, but feel overwhelmed and lost as how to start. Clytee has some excellent tips to start recording your history now for the future. Hope you will join us!

Show Notes:

01:06 Life lesson from Curt's book, Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here

05:49 Genealogy/family history runs in her family with stories and pictures

08:17 Research in Denmark and Norway helped with the research

11:05 What is the end goal? Learning the stories from the past.

11:50 Find information on

12:35 Start finding your family's history on

13:46 is a commercial website that may help also

15:57 Patronymic is the correct term for family names "Williamson...son of William"

18:16 Start with talking to your older living relatives

19:14 Three levels of generations ...look for older pictures, letters, stories, and documents to support your search...share up, share with siblings, and share with children and grandchildren

23:33 Knowing family history is good for your health!

34:23 Clytee's final advice...don't forget to write about your life for your children and future generations!

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