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Is becoming a cruise connoisseur in your retirement a dream? Well, then you need to meet Roger and Jani Burnham of McAllen, Texas! These expert cruisers have enjoyed 15 cruises in their retirement and they are not stopping until the seas drive up! Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed them down a bit, but you can bet they will be right back on the seas as soon as the cruise lines reopen!

Roger and Jani book 2-3 cruises a year and love the off season to travel. They tell us some of their great cruise knowledge and booking hacks and give us important information to make every cruise the best!





Roger and Jani love this cruise line the best! They have earned lots of perks as repeated customers



So, are you ready for a "relaxation vacation?" If you want to learn about cruising to beautiful places via cruise, this is the episode for you! Enjoy and thank you Roger and Jani!

Bon Voyage!

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