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Grandma goes to Disney! (Grandpa too)

Ask any child where their favorite place to vacation in the United States is and I'll bet they say Disneyworld! If you are lucky you might get there once or twice in your childhood with your parents...but what about Grandma and Grandpa? If it involves grandchildren having a blast and a ton of fun, they might just plan it!

Today we interview a grandma that didn't just tag along...she planned it! And it took 15 years of saving to accomplish her goal! The entire Nelsen family stayed right there on site and fulfilled a lifetime dream of this retired educational specialist.

Maybe you have the same dream. That dream that involves taking your entire family on a vacation to Disneyworld! Join us today and hear all the tricks to taking and planning a huge family trip!

Show Notes

00:35 Curt's Life Lesson from his book, Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad

01:37 We meet our guest, Diane Nelsen

03:54 Talk to a travel agent and started planning for a trip in 15 years!

05:52 Start saving now! Estimate was close...$22,000 for family of nine which included airfare, food, housing

07:26 Planning the next trip back to Disneyworld

08:32 Stayed at this lodge Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

10:09 Get in shape by walking before you go!

11:31 Favorite park for Grandma was Epcot

13:42 Disney breakfast experiences were top notch!

19:20 Don't forget to plan a tour of the underground Disney

19:54 Fantasmic Show and fireworks is a wonderful way to end your day

20:20 Disney has meal plans that work great for the cost and convenience

The Nelsens: Lisa, son Scott, Nolan, Grandpa Dennis, Grandma Diane, son Bryon, Brooke, Drake, Lincoln

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