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Harvest Hosts-RV Heaven!

In this episode we visit with Harvest Host CEO Joel Holland and learn about his wonderful company that supports RVers and small business owners at the same time. That's right, a company that supports small businesses all over the US and at the same time gives RVers and retirees a wonderful stay away from the crowded campgrounds! Over 2,800 Harvest Host spots are found at wineries, breweries, golf courses, museums, and farms! RVers can stay for free at these spots and their support benefits the host! Learn about this wonderful company in this episode!

For a DISCOUNT to Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome membership please click on the banners below!

Show Notes

01:02 Curt's life lesson from his best selling book: Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can purchase it here

04:34 Harvest Hosts started in 2009

04:47 Boondockers Welcome 3000 private spots for RVers

05:48 What are the requirements to stay at a Harvest Host destination? Learn that here:

06:41 What do the hosts get? Learn that here (hosts average about $13,000 a year from their guests).

08:14 Who is your average Harvest Host guest?

08:56 Harvest Host facilities and requirements for RVers .

13:35 Are locations available in Canada and Mexico? Find that information here.

19:24 What is "boondocking"? Why would you do this?

20:59 Harvest Host has a rating system for hosts and guests This vetting is great for both hosts and guests similar to AirBNB.

22:23 Information on some of the unique hosts...museums, farms, airshows, golf courses

26:02 Learn more at They are also on Instagram look for Harvest Hosts there. For more information on boondocking sites supported by them go to

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