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Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

A test of our stamina...

Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon was a bucket list item for Curt. We joined friends, Craig and Susie, and planned an amazing trip that included a stop at Arches National Park, Antelope Canyon, and Zion National Park which is home to Angel's Landing. Hiking from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado river and back up the next day was a grueling test of our hiking abilities that we both passed and would do again!

0.44 Buy Curt's book here

1:53 Phantom Ranch reservations Phantom Ranch

2:45 Calling for reservations (see the previous link)

3:54 Down/up

5:29 National Park Pass for retired/seniors

6:17 Cameron Arizona hotel

12:22 Phantom Ranch

17:13 Antelope Canyon, Page Az

18:30 Antelope Canyon

19:13 Zion National Park

19:42 Angel's Landing

21:56 Top of Angel's Landing video

24:15 Curt's "you betcha" moment

24:38 Cindy's "Oh, hell no" moment

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13 jul 2020

Nailed it!

Me gusta
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