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Iceland #2 - Hot springs, trolls, and 66 degrees North

Iceland is pure beauty. Whether you love the ocean, the hot springs, the history, or the mountains, there is something for everyone. We loved our ten days traveling the Ring Road and Golden Circle. If you are lucky enough to travel there you will not be disappointed. (Notice the big sunglasses....try not to have an allergic reaction while you are there.)

00.26 Life Lesson from Curt's book

05:27 Myvatn

06:30 Myvatn Natural Baths

08:43 Siglufjorour, 66 degrees latitude

11:10 Hvammstangi, fishing village and church campgrounds

18:25 Steam Valley

23:40 Curt's "You betcha moment"

24:06 Cindy's "Oh hell, no!"

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Aug 21, 2020

We absolutely loved Iceland! I highly recommend and will go back (which is rare for us )


Aug 21, 2020

Lol!!! Oh, HAAAALE NO!!!

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