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If you could smell a podcast..this would be the one! BBQ!!!

Maybe you don't dream of BBQ ribs or brisket smoked on a grill of pecan or mesquite wood...but Curt and I sure do. BBQ joints in Texas are some of the best, and every weekend ordinary men stand around their precious pits grilling! Grilling over coals and wood is a right a passage for many young men (and a few good women too). Many men are judged by the size of their BBQ pit! When we moved to Iowa to retire, we brought two grills with us! One can never own too many grills!

In this episode interview a great couple from Iowa who have the best part time gig EVER!!! They judge BBQ's contests all around the mid-west! Penny and Rick didn't just fall into this great job, oh no...they had to attend BBQ school to be an official judge. Needless-to-say they take this part time retirement job SERIOUSLY!

To be an official BBQ judge they attended the Kansas City BBQ judging school to learn all the tricks of the trade! They have judged many contests and have some great stories for us to explore! These two retiree's (yes, Rick has some part time employment too) have a great story to share! They have ballooned in Africa and traveled through Italy just to name a few of their adventures...but becoming BBQ judges....put them in a whole different league!

I can smell the BBQ now....

From hot ballooning in Africa to judging BBQ on a frozen lake in Minnesota, Rick and Penny are living their best AdventuRetired moments!

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Brenda Blunt
Brenda Blunt
15 Ιουλ 2020

That would be the fun job! Love good bbq!!

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