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It's Alaskan Cruise time!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Cruise to Alaska with us!

We kicked off retirement bliss with a cruise to Alaska, the great frontier, on a eight day dream trip! Some of the great things we experienced are the vistas of the great north west, quaint Alaskan port towns and fun excursions! We joined our friends, Roger and Janie, Stu and Kathy on a trip of a lifetime.

Show notes:

00.30 Life Lesson from Curt's best seller! https://amzn.to/2Zdm2pp

00:42 Carnival cruise

05:56 Patagonia Black Hole ...best carry on ever ...not for this trip...too many shoes! https://amzn.to/2ZjbsgF

07:10 Safety Drill

09:05 Day 2 Sea Day, get to know your ship

10:24 Tracy Arm Fjord

11:35 Day 4 Skagway

11:56 Excursion zip-lining https://www.alaskaexcursions.com/grizzly-falls-2/

13:19 White Pass excursion https://wpyr.com/

13:45 Juneau

14:05 Excursion to Alaska Brewing Company http://www.alaskanbeer.com/

14:33 Tracy's King Crab Shack best crab leg ever!


15:21 Red Dog Saloon, Juneau


15:53 Day 6 Ketchikan

17:20 Victoria, Canada

20:14 Pike Place Market, Seattle https://www.pikeplacefish.com/

20:23 Gum Alley https://unexpectedproductions.org/gumwall/

21:20 Curt's "you betcha" moment

21:40 Cindy's "oh hell, no" moment

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