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Laughing at Retirement in Italy

Ciao beautiful Italy! We have all dreamed of dropping everything and moving to romantic Italy and this couple did just that! We interview Chip Stites and his wife Shonna Kelso and learn about their wonderful retirement in Italy. You will be ready to move after listening we bet! Arrivederci!

Show Notes

01:05 Curt's life lesson from his book, Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here

02:49 Chip and Shonna live in Rieti, Italy

06:54 Chip writes for International Living. Check it out at this website

09:22 Chip and Shonna suggest to their listeners to come for at least a month before making a commitment to move to a foreign destination to really know the community and lifestyle you will be immersed in.

11:11 Chip and Shonna discuss health care in Italy and compare it to health care in the USA.

13:00 Chip and Shonna talk about taxes in Italy.

18:18 Video chatting helps keep relationships in the US close.

18:57 Chip and Shonna tell us about their favorite micro adventures in Italy.

21:12 Saint Francis's Beech Tree Rivodutri, Italy

23:18 Olive harvest fun!

25:46 Shonna's great retirement advice! We can all relate!

27:30 Chip shares his retirement advice and his fb page so that others can learn from his financial experience. Check it out! The Laughing Retirement

31:24 Chip teaches PIE (Perpetual Income Engine)

35:29 Chip and Shonna's biggest mistake in their move!

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