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Let's Play Pickleball!!!

Curt and I have found in retirement that one of the best things we have started was learning how to play pickleball! We love it and obviously we are not alone! In this episode, we meet Craig Lewis, a retired banker from Texas, who loves pickleball and what pickleball has done to his waistline!

Pickleball is the fastest growing new sport in America. People of all ages are beginning to play and enjoy the benefits of this active sport. Today, tennis courts are being revamped into pickleball courts and the sound of a whiffle ball hitting a racquet is heard from many sport complexes and gyms!

If you have ever wondered about pickleball, this is the episode for you! Just don't step into the kitchen!

Show Notes

00:45 Life lesson from Curt's best selling book! Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad

08:53 What is pickleball?

09:04 Pickleball equipment needed to play

11:43 Rules for pickleball are easy to learn

17:16 Tournaments

18:58 Check out YouTube for videos about pickleball to improve your game

20:01 United States Pickleball association

28:54 Great Job Craig! Keep up the pickleball! You are an inspiration!

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