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"Masters" His Golf Bucket List!

Do you have a bucket list yet? In this episode we talk to a couple whose bucket list included golf at some pretty impressive courses! Nancy and Bob Hall have all the insight on a trip of a lifetime to the Augusta, Georgia for the "Masters" golf tournament. You could say they were in "moon pie paradise."

Show Notes

00:58 Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad

02:25 Our guests are from Hickory, North Carolina

03:07 Hickory, North Carolina one of the top places to live according to the US News and Report https://realestate.usnews.com/places/north-carolina/hickory

04:42 Bob's golfing bucket list is revealed

07:29 How do you get tickets for the Masters? Good luck ! https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/06/01/masters-2022-tickets-now-available-heres-how-to-apply/

14:40 Food at the Masters is very reasonable! Bob fed his golfing buddies pimento cheese sandwiches and moon pies that he brought home! https://moonpie.com/


19:54 Augusta, Georgia is a beautiful golf course and a golfer's perfect course!


22:36 Vijay Singh on the 16th https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vijay_Singh

26:24 Concession stands are wonderful and open only during the tournament.

28:50 Bob thanks his wonderful wife for the "golf surprise!" Bob and Nancy celebrate 56 years of marriage! Congratulations!

31:13 Tobacco Road Golf Course in North Carolina is beautiful place to golf if you travel to North Carolina https://tobaccoroadgolf.com/

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