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Mayfair Foodie!

Do you consider yourself a "foodie"? Curt and I definitely love a good meal, but if it doesn't involve meat and potatoes or peanut butter and jelly...Curt tends turn up his nose. I, on the other hand, love to try new foods and love almost any type of cusine. In today's episode we meet Martin. Martin and his wife love trying new foods and espically love experiencing the restaurants near his home in London. Let's learn about his wonderful retirement visiting and tasting his way throught Mayfair's Michelin's and other famous restaurants!

Show Notes

01:18 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here: 

Link to Sand and Sea Coffee !

06:25 Martin defines being "a foodie" here.

07:42 What is his favorite food? Learn about that here.

09:53 Martin talks about how his love for food inspired him to start a blog called "The Mayfair Foodie." You can learn more here:

14:08 Martin gives us some recommendations to try if in the Mayfair area! One he especially loves is

19:30 Martin talks about his personal "favorite food."

22:29 What is the Michelin Star food rating? Learn more about this food rating system here:

24:30 What wine goes with the best foods? Learn about that here.

27:14 Future plans for the Mayfair Foodie website.

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