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Moving, Micros, and Travel Tips!

Meet Paul and Rayna Delaney from Mesa, Arizona. These two retirees love to travel and strive to enjoy every part of their retirement! Their first retirement move took them to Wisconsin...but the they decided the winters there were not what they were looking for so they moved next to Arizona! Now these nomads are busy exploring every part of their new home state with micro-adventures and living their best retirement life!

Show Notes

00:47 Curt's Life Lesson from his best selling book, Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:48 Paul and Rayna lived in South Texas where we met them first.

05:47 Moved from the South to the North first but discovered that winter wasn't what they wanted. Now they love living in Mesa!

08:15 Rio Grande Valley in Texas was lowest cost of living in their opinion

10:15 The amenities of a retirement park are great (pool, pickleball courts, etc)

11:19 Favorite part of Wisconsin was the change of seasons and the outdoors

11:47 Favorite part of Wisconsin was doing micro trips and using the Our Wisconsin magazine for inspiration.

13:21l Favorite parts of Arizona are the day trips and scenic drives that they follow from the Arizona Highways magazine. The Delaney's highly recommend these state magazines to learn about their state.

15:01 Death Valley, California, was a very unique and wonderful micro adventure and not far from Mesa.

17:54 Arizona's slot canyons are beautiful

18:32 The early cliff dwelling are another favorite place to explore and close to them.

19:42 Rayna and her six sisters do annual sister trips. Lots of fun for these six sisters each year.

21:00 Delaney's Rules for traveling (excellent travel hacks)

  1. Use a credit card to book flights and expenses and collect the rewards for future trips (pay these off monthly) They recommend the SW airline card.

  2. Book hotel chains that reward free nights

  3. Use a trip advisor...look at the reviews and fill out reviews of the places you visit

  4. Travel in the middle of the week. Less crowds and cheaper costs.

  5. Create photo books of the places you travel as soon as you can after the trip.

  6. Get a United States National Park pass and a State Pass

  7. Subscribe to a state magazine

  8. Don't be afraid to spend money on a trip! Enjoy yourselves!

  9. Take day trips to towns, museums, parks, hiking trails, and scenic roads.

  10. Create YOUR Bucket List.

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