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Nashville Birthday Bash!!!

We have all experienced how the Covid-19 virus has affected our families, businesses, schools, and retirement travel plans for the past two years, so Curt and I decided to get our "shots" and start living our best retired life and start traveling as soon as we felt comfortable. What better way to celebrate travel again then by starting a new tradition that we now are going to call "Happy Birthday to Us!" Yes, we have decided from now on to spend our birthdays (I'm three days older, but ya know I look much younger than my handsome guy") somewhere new and fun! It might be down the road a bit to a local BnB or somewhere far away! At our age, every birthday is a blessing!

Our birthday bash was to a city that both of us have wanted to visit for a long time! Nashville, Tennessee, home of country music and more! We know lots of friends who jump a plane and fly to Nashville every year or so and rave about the music and food and music! What a perfect place to celebrate 60 years on this planet and 35 years together!

Show Notes

00:56 Life Lesson from Curt's best selling book "Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

02:44 Nashville, Tennessee

09:08 Legends ( our favorite honkytonk) (Thank you Stewart and Kathy for the recommendation)

09:37 Tootsies was another fun place

09:53 Bluebird Cafe

10:27 Benchmark was another favorite of ours

11:25 It was interesting to walk around where the Nashville bombing happened in 2019. It was such a sad time for Nashville however the city is rebuilding and handling the mess of construction as best as possible. Here is a link to the Nashville explosion

11:31 Nashville artists and community painting the boards covering the broken windows

12:22 Our favorite eateries in Nashville (Curt's pick")

13:07 (Cindy's pick") The Merchant

14:00 Acme Feed and Seed Company was great food also

14:50 The Ole Smoky Distillery

16:30 Nashville Convention Center and Country Music Hall of Fame is a must if you are visiting

17:57 Studio B tour is a great tour! Stand where Elvis stood recording!

18:42 Nashville Parthenon

19:49 Pedal bars in Nashville are a sight to see!

21:56 Grand Ole Opry

23:08 Nashville's beautiful Gaylord Hotel

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