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Our Adventure Kit!

What is your retirement dream? Will you travel to exotic places? Will you try new foods and meet new people? What will your adventures in these places look like? Biking? Kayaking? Hiking? In today's episode we meet Kit Parks and what an adventure she is on! Thank you for joining us!

Show Notes

00:58 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here

03:03 Kit's website and podcast is called Active Travel Adventures

04:33 Kit tells us how she started her adventure (vagabond ) retirement life

06:13 Kit explains her "vagabond" schedule to us.

07:22 Kit travels solo and with small groups. She explains why here. She tells us why she chooses each trip.

10:00 Kit tells us how she finances her traveling retirement lifestyle.

12:49 Kit tells us why New Zealand is her favorite place. She tells us that finding a favorite place is hard as there as so many beautiful places in the world. Some are favorites because of what they offer the traveler.

14:24 Kit's favorite adventures are talked about here.

15:52 Kit tells of her new love for the ebike! See season 2 episode 33 of AdventuRetired for more about ebikes!

21:25 Kit tells us how she came about with her podcast Active Travel Adventures while hiking in Scotland. Find it here: This site focuses on active travel adventures.

22:50 Kit has a great websites with wonderful travel advice. She shares her packing lists and travel tips there.

24:50 Kit's second podcast Adventure Travel Show talks about her travels and gives travel tips here. Find it here

26:04 Kit uses an app called Hostelworld to find hostels in cities. Find out information about Hostelworld here

32:19 Kit's #1 rule for traveling is discussed here! It is a good one for all travelers!

35:30 Write Kit at for her wonderful packing tips and travel planners! She is happy to share.

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