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Pack your bags and a Thigh bone... We Retired in Ireland!

Does the idea of retiring in a foreign country sound like something you'd like to do? Meet our wonderful guests, Celine and Glen Collins, who decided that is just what they dreamed of doing. After retiring from high level, fast paced careers, this couple packed up two suitcases each and moved to beautiful Kilkenny, Ireland. They enlighten us with the story of their downsizing for their big move, and the reasons they picked Kilkenny to live their best retirement story. We were blessed to meet up with them when we visited Ireland last fall and now have great friends from the city with the Medieval Mile!

31:23 Kilkenny Castle

31:55 St. Canice's Cathedral and Round Tower

32:15 Hole in the Wall pub

33:09 Medieval Mile Museum

33:48 Kyteler's Inn

38:47 Recommended top five things to see if you visit Kilkenny

1. Kilkenny Castle

2. St. Canice's Cathedral

3. Rothe House

4. Kytleler's Inn

5. Medieval Mile Museum

45:09 "you betcha" From the Collins' Follow your dreams

45:18 "oh hell, no" From the Collins'

1. Don't move at Christmas

2. Don't ship household items

3. Don't look for employment ( too many hassles)

This is where we stayed in Kilkenny. It was an Airbnb above O'Gorman's Pub.

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Brenda Blunt
Brenda Blunt
Sep 30, 2020

What a lovely historical place!!

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