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Packed into a Prius!

Today we are joined by Mel and Pat Schlesinger who packed their belongings in their Prius and started their retirement journey! Wow! Can we say downsized!!! Mel and Pat love the freedom of visiting a new places and putting down temporary roots and before you know it, they are up and gone to the another new destination! We were able to track them down to Mazatlan, Mexico to hear about their great retirement journey! Thanks for joining us!

Show Notes

00:44 Curt's best selling book "Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad!

05:25 How did they downsize? Check it out here!

11:14 Green Valley, Arizona is their home base now. They have a one bedroom casa casita there

16:50 Mel and Pat use I Postal One for their mail service but do not recommend it as they have had problems with this service

22:35 Mel has some great food pictures that make Mazatlan a foody's best visit!

22:53 Mel and Pat met up with a previous guest of ours Janet Blazer who lives in Mazatlan also!

22:58 Mel and Pat loved their "Oregon Trail trip!"

27:21 Pat and Mel feel very safe in Mexico and love the people they meet.

28:00 Great advice from Mel is that Facebook is a great resource for the traveler. Look for the specialized pages of the new places you want to visit.

29:52 Mel and Pat use duolingo to help communicate in Spanish.

30:08 Mazatlan and Queretaro are some of their favorite places in Mexico Check them out!

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