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Park Hostess with the "Mostess"

We have often felt that becoming a Park Host at one of our country's wonderful state or national parks would be the best job in the world...and would bet that we are not alone! Today we interview Diane Newberry, a Minnesotan, who does just that! She is a park host for Minnesota state parks and we met her camping one weekend this fall!

Camping brings out the best in people. Whether you are there for the fresh air, quiet relaxation from a busy job, exploring a new area, or just there because you love it, camping is an awesome way to spend your retirement. Becoming a park host is not hard, but there are some very specific steps that you must complete to be hired. And once you take a park job, the camping perks are the best! Just check out Diane's setup in the picture above.

Show Notes

00:47 Life lesson from Curt's book, Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad


09:00 Minnesota Master Naturalist program information

15:55 Duties of the park host

22:09 Grandparents and grandkids camp together

22:44 Camp host perks

27:09 Fuji Traverse Ebike

29:19 Great birding at Savannah State Park in the early spring

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