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Port Aransas, TEXAS! Beach, Sun, and Tons of Fun!

Ask Katie and Pat Hagen where their happy place is in retirement and they will tell you that there is no better place the Port Aransas, Texas! This fun loving couple enjoy the Texas beach town of Port Aransas for six weeks each winter and love what Texas offers! Beach walks, hog hunting, surf fishing, golf, shopping and wonderful restaurants top the list for them. We would have to agree! Curt and I have been visiting Port Aransas, Texas for the past 35 years! Join us and learn about their great retirement journey!

Show Notes:

00:50 Life Lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad! Get it here

Visit this website for more information ttps://

06:10 Annual Port Aransas, Texas book sale is held every February and is a great experience each year!

07:52 Pat loves to fish in the ocean and on the beach. Information about Texas fishing licenses

11:44 Port Aransas, Texas rentals are available and plentiful. Check these out:

12:22 Hurricane Harvey was devastating to the island, however, they have bounced back and the island is in great shape! Here are a few pictures from the hurricane.

13:10 Port Aransas Birding Center is a great place to visit and bird watch!

Here is a great video from the Birding Center!

13:30 Hog Hunting in South Texas is a fun experience for the hunter! Pat enjoys this time every year!

16:30 Island Golf is available

16:40 Corpus Christi Golf Courses

17:51 The Hagen's favorite places on the island

18:44 For a great "you hook it" and we will "cook it" restaurant the Hagen's go here

19:00 Liljedahl's love Iries also! They also recommend the Venetian Hot Plate!

19:50 Coaches for breakfast on the island can't be beat!

20:38 Mrs. Woody's boutique is a fun place to shop

Check out the kite shop also!

Places of interest in Corpus Christi

HEB are great grocery stores in Texas! A stop by an HEB plus is a real treat!

22:45 The USS Lexington is a great Naval Airship Museum to experience

Places to visit on the way down to Texas from Iowa:

24:50 The Oklahoma City National Memorial

24:56 Waco, Texas

26:25 Weather in Port Aransas, Texas

28:04 The Port at Port Aransas is a busy port!

33:21 Shiner, Texas beer /brewery tour is great!

Thanks Pat and Katie! We enjoyed our great conversation!

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