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Raising Food on Raised Gardens

In this episode we talk to retired nurse, Candy Bisenius, about her beautiful raised gardens. After our conversation, all I could think about is "come on spring, get here already!" Candy and her husband, Rick, have the most amazing raised bed gardens I have ever seen and they have embraced this hobby to it's fullest. The raised bed way of gardening not only saves the back, but it also limits the weeding for these active retirees! And the cherry (tomato) on the top is the most amazing, delicious garden produce just waiting for you to enjoy!

Candy and Rick attach a gutter system to the sides of their bed to plant even more delicious veggies!

Show Notes

01:05 Curt's life lesson from his book, Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here

06:40 Visit your local garden center for additional help with all your questions. Candy and Rick go to the local expert in NW Iowa. Del's Garden is a wonderful nursery and green house in Spencer, Iowa who can help you with all your gardening questions.

07:32 Make sure you use only "potting soil" for your raised gardens. You might want to use this brand:

08:59 Raised gardens need more water than regular gardens.

13:48 Candy's advice is "Don't get in a hurry, wait to the temperatures warm up" to avoid replanting.

26:19 Canning supplies are a new "hot item" so plan to get yours early!

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