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Reposition Cruise

Today we talk to Karen Walker Vaughn about the wonderful repositioning cruise she and her husband, Ken, planned. Repositioning cruises are a amazing way to cruise differently, see new places, and still relax with the comforts of cruising . This couple loved every minute of their trip and are ready to go again! Come along and learn about the wonderful trip they experienced.

Show Notes

00:41 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons From a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:22 Karen explains what a repositioning cruise is to us.

05:24 Learn more about Royal Caribbean Transatlantic cruising here!

06:51 Karen talks about cruising for 8-10 days without seeing land here.

08:11 Karen discusses the cruise credits and Roya Caribbean's Next Cruise deals and the airport connections.

11:48 Repositioning cruises have all the perks and entertainment you experience on a cruise.

13:24 Karen talks about their favorite cruise activities.

15:31 We learn about "My Time Dining" experience.

17:32 We hear about the ports in Spain. Learn more about these cities here:

18:46 Karen loved Malaga, Spain. She talks about this welcoming city here.

22:05 Next stop, France. Karen talks about the ports they visited here:

27:00 Karen discusses their future cruising plans.

31:00 Karen talks about their "don't sit too soon" retired life.

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