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Retirement Reboot in Bulgaria!

Where is your retirement path leading? Do you see yourself retiring and living in a foreign country? Retirement can be a new beginning for sure! In this interview we meet a recent retiree from the educational field who took a huge leap of faith when he moved to teach his final years in Kuwait. Richard Barbree, retired from one career in education and moved to Kuwait to teach in an American school there. In Kuwait, he met his future wife and eventually they retired together in her homeland of Bulgaria! Enjoy!

Show Notes

00:37 Curt's Life lesson from his book Fix The Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. Look for his Best Selling Book here:

05:27 Internationally teaching in Kuwait

10:40 Internationally teaching in China Chinese American Schools

12:57 Married in Kuwait to a citizen of Bulgaria

16:30 Moved into retirement home in Bulgaria

18:45 Traveling in retirement!

22:25 Insurance information in Bulgaria

23:39 Tax information in Bulgaria (if you earn money in the US, you still pay US taxes)

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