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Safari on the Serengeti!

Africa is a dream vacation for many of us! Curt and I are already scoping out African safari vacations in anticipation for a once in a lifetime trip in our near future. Africa is a wild wonderland for vacation thrill seekers such as our guest today Ellen Gleitman Luchette and her husband. Their adventure was full amazing events and sites. You'll want to listen clear to the end to hear their adventure coming home! Thanks for the inspiration Ellen! I can hardly wait to see the elephants and the African Serengeti!

Show Notes

00:38 A quick note about our website.

01:06 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

06:01 Achmed Base Camp is the host Ellen went to for their trip. Learn about them here:

09:56 Plan on buying your Visa there. Take American money (cash) for this fee.

11:19 The business class lounge in Doha, Qatar is an amazing place to rest.

13:38 Tarangire National Park was their first stop. Learn about it here:

Check out this site for their accommodations.

15:05 Malaria medicine is suggested. This is what the CDC recommends

20:31 Ngorongoro Crater Learn about this beautiful spot here: This crater walk is amazing.

They stayed at Serena hotel/lodge this night. Find out about this lodge here:

22:58 Serengeti National Park

24:00 Wildebeest migration

27:16 Accommodations here were Ellen's favorite. Lemala Camp Nanyukie Lodge

30:57 Zanzibar Island was their next stop. Learn more about it here: They stayed in a Serena property there. No elevator so be prepared. They toured Prison Island.

34:41 Their "hell no" is a doozy....learn about this travel blunder here and learn from their experience.

Here are some great resources if you would like to learn more about a safari in Africa. Ellen graciously shared these with us!

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