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Sailing into Retirement

Do you have a dream to "sail" around the world in retirement? Maybe a world cruise or sailing the tropical waters? Well, meet Kevan Draper! Kevan's dream to live on a sailboat, cruising into tropical ports, and living his best retired life on his own sailboat is what this episode is all about. Are the tropical seas calling to you?

Show Notes

00:48 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

05:22 Kevan's beautiful sailboat and where he lives fulltime.

07:02 Kevan tells us what his sailboat amenities include.

08:53 Kevan will sail to Puerta Vallarta on his first voyage in this new boat.

10:30 Kevan walks us through his day on his Catalina 42.

13:02 Kevan talks about the other retirees that he meets on the water

14:15 Kevan tells us how he affords living on the water.

15:09 We learn about his sailboat's name.

16:27 Starlink has helped Kevan stay connected while out on the water. Find out about this company here:

18:30 Kevan tells us about the social connections he makes when he anchors.

20:12 Kevan's favorite place to sail is the Sea Of Cortez . Find out about this tropical paradise here:

22:00 We learn about some of the technology/safety systems that help sail.

23:00 Kevan tells us why you don't change the name of a boat (bad luck).

24:46 Kevan talks about some of his journeys.

25:52 His favorite place to anchor is Agua Verde

32:40 Kevan's retirement journey is amazing! Smooth sails Mate! Learn more about Kevan on his You Tube channel!

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