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The Cape Cod of the Mid West!

Beautiful Door County, Wisconsin!

Have you heard about Door County, Wisconsin? Curt and I were totally surprised to learn about this wonderful place that is only a couple states away from Iowa! Door County sounds just like the kind of vacation that I adore, shopping, relaxing, beaches, eating, REPEAT!

In this episode we talk to Joyce and Pat Schrauth of Bancroft, Iowa, who have a second home there and a deep love for this beautiful area in Northern Wisconsin.

I needed to do some research about Door County because I had no idea about this area or the many wonderful places to experience when visiting there and was amazed at everything I learned!

Life Lessons from Curt's book!

Where is Door County, Wisconsin?

Pat and Joyce love going to their cabin and spending time on the peninsula biking, antiquing, boating, and spending time with their family! They golf on the eleven golf courses, boating on Lake Michigan, and bike around the area. They spend time in the summer and the fall, especially loving the fall colors. All the little towns have their fall celebrations which make this a destination extraordinaire!

Joyce tells us in this episode about the 53 beaches, 34 islands, 11 golf courses, 8 wineries, 5 breweries, 11 historical lighthouses and 5 beautiful state parks. Pack your bags, there is something for everyone!

Pat and Joyce, get ready, I'm coming to visit! And I plan to see and experience it all!

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