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The Cool Grandpa!

Are you a "Cool Grandpa?" What does a cool grandpa look like you might ask? Is there some kind of directions guide to becoming a "Cool Grandpa"? And what about us "Cool Grandmas?" These are the questions we will delve into with our newest guest, Greg Payne, who is a fellow podcaster and author. Enjoy!

Show Notes

00:54 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

03:37 Greg talks about the "average grandparent" here.

04:29 What is a "cool grandpa?" Greg tells us about this ever so important role.

07:34 Smart Frames or Digital frames are the best! We have this one and love it!

You can send pictures and your family members can too!

08:09 Traits of the "cool grandparent" explained here.10:50

10:50 Cool grandmas are important also.

11:37 Greg talks about grandparenting roles.

17:35 Grandparent/parent boundaries and expectations discussed here.

21:45 A great way to help kids and grandkids is to pay for camps!

22:30 Traveling with grandkids discussed here.

24:49 Grandparenting from a distance. Greg talks about this topic here.

25:54 Snail Mail is still a great way to keep connected to your grandkids.

34:11 Greg's website is

His podcast is called The Cool Grandpa podcast.

His book is My Grandpa's Grandpa. You can find it here:

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