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The Luck of Beautiful Ireland

Ireland, the beautiful, windy, and wild country has always been top on my bucket list. Like so many others who have visited this beautiful land, to spend time here is a step back in history. Curt gave in and we planned for a wonderful trip here in October 2019 to visit castles, ruins, and the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher. Along the way, we were immersed in history and romance and met some wonderful new friends. Everyone needs a little Ireland in their soul!

00:34 Curt's life lesson from his best selling book: Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad You can get it here

07:35 Gravity Bar

09:05 Long Room Trinity College Dublin

11:50 Sean's Bar Athlone, Ireland - A must stop for Curt! Oldest bar in Ireland and maybe the world.'s+Bar/@53.4226598,-7.9423362,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x91275f28adc7bce0!8m2!3d53.4226598!4d-7.9423362

13:55 Galway Cathedral and market

17:05 Dunguaire Castle Just a stop on the road.

19:45 Dovecot at Balleybeg Priory

21:35 Blarney Castle Too touristy for us!

We stayed here, our hosts were Pat and Regina. Wonderful room and traditional Irish breakfast!

23:22 Cobh (Cove) Great history!

24:45 Original Dock

25:15 Ardmore Ireland

27:23 Ardmore Castle - My favorite castle ruin!

30:06 Our new friends in Kilkenny...more with them and their retirement adventure in another episode! Glen and Celine

31:00 O'Gormans Pub We stayed in the BnB above the pub. Very small but clean and quaint!

31:54 Travel door lock.

32:27 Curt's "you, betcha" moment

32:50 Cindy's "oh hell, no" moment

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Sep 20, 2020

It's on MY Bucket List too!


Brenda Blunt
Brenda Blunt
Sep 01, 2020

What a delight!!

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