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"Tri"ing to Improve Retirement

In today's episode we meet Michael Drak, a retired tri-athlete, who has made an effort to get into his best shape ever and compete in a full triathlon. His triathlon (3.8k /2.4 mile swim, 180k/112 mile bike ride, and 42k/26.2 mile mile run) was held in Mexico. Michael tells us how he trained for this amazing athletic feat and how he uses some of the same training methods to make his retirement journey successful. Get ready to be motivated!

Show Notes

01:15 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

04:05 Cozumel, Mexico

07:05 Learn more about an Ironman here:

10:31 Mike tells us his "why" to do a triathlon.

12:59 Mike tells us about other retirement adventures keep him going! Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing is on his list of "to do in retirement"! Learn about fly fishing here:

14:33 Mike tells us about his training schedule here.

20:23 Mike tells us about his gear here and the cost of the Ironman sport.

23:58 Mike's next triathlon is this one

26:33 Mike tells us about the books he has written. Both focus on your best retirement health. Look for them to add to your retirement library.

34:00 Mike's latest book Longevity Lifestyle by Design is free! Go here to download it!

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