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Walking the Appalachian Trail!

Today we talk to Jeff Balch from Pennsylvania about his retirement adventure on the Appalachian Trail.

Many retired folks would love to add this adventure filled hike to their list of accomplishments and for those who are successful it is worth bragging about! The Appalachian Trail is approximately 2160 miles of steep mountain climbs and massive bouldering. Hats off to Jeff! What an amazing retirement journey.

Show Notes

00:56 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix The Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:54 Jeff talks about his training for the hike. What are these? Learn more here:

07:05 Jeff talks about his past athletic workouts and how he transitioned from running into hiking.

08:25 Who walked with him on this journey? Jeff talks about that here.

11:01 Jeff tells us the stories that go with their trail names. Click here to learn about the reason trail names are so popular with hikers:

12:20 Accommodations on the Appalachian Trail discussed here.

13:53 Appalachian Trail information here:

14:20 Jeff talks about his daily milage here.

16:07 White Mountain Trail of the Appalachian Trail discussed here:

16:59 Jeff talks about the bouldering in Maine.

18:25 Jeff talks about the the trail conditions and the apps he used to guide his trip.

19:49 How was the weather? Jeff tells us here.

21:57 Working thru the pain is discussed here.

24:47 Jeff talks about his food here . His hiker coffee sounds like a winner! Jeff tells us the recipe here!

26:30 You won't believe that amount of weight Jeff lost. He talks about that here!

27:06 Jeff's start and finish days.

28:47 Jeff's go to thing that everyone needs on this hike. He loved his ten degree quilt. See that here:

32:22 Trail Angels to the water rescue. Jeff talks about water on the trail.

35:00 His bear encounter is discussed here.

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