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Do you have a passion or a pet peeve that is a driving force in your retirement? In this interview we meet Jody Naquin Ritner from Virginia who shares a passion of ours! No, not traveling....which is a big passion of ours.... but picking up trash!

I met Jody on my "cool retired women" fb page and when I saw that she walks with the same purpose as I do, I had to reach out to her! Picking up trash is one of my favorite retirement hobbies! I reached out to Jody and asked her if she wanted one of our famous #wearetrashypeople tee-shirts and she now proudly wears it as she cleans up her neighborhood on her daily walks!

Join us and listen to Jody's "why" as she cleans up her neighborhood and makes a great difference in her perfect part of the world. We can all learn from her words of wisdom and her positive influence in our world. Thank you Jody for making your "little piece of heaven" a better place!

Jody and her hubby! Thank you !

Show Notes

02:18 Life Lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad

08:22 Why Jody started her new hobby?

09:06 Get a great trash pick- up stick here

13:13 Sweden is cleaning up as exercise

21:05 Adopt a Highway Program to clean up the ditches and roads near you

23:36 Curt, Cindy, and family pick up the jetties every year in Texas. Here is Curt's mom, Carole, and her sisters Judy and JoAnn.

Texas jetties at Port Aransas

36:25 We would love to interview you and your retirement journey!

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