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Rio Grand Valley - Winter Texan to Texan!

In this episode we meet a great guy who has made his winter home ... now his permanent home in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. We have a special place in our hearts for the the Valley as it was our home for over 30 years. Living there as a Winter Texan is a whole different lifestyle than what we did as a young working family and we were so happy to meet this great couple who loves the Valley like we do! We can't wait to hear about their experiences and favorite places! Who knows, one of you might decide to become a Winter Texan after listening!

Show Notes

01:02 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons From A Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

05:00 Larry tells us about the his early years as a Winter Texan.

06:19 Larry tells us why they chose Texas over Arizona and Florida to retire.

08:43 Mission, Texas has many places for Winter Texans to land. The Valley has over 100 parks for RVers and Winter Texans to choose from. Check out this site for more information:

11:20 Larry tells us about some of the activities he and his wife. Jan. do to keep busy.

14:50 Winter entertainment is abundant with bands and entertainers from Branson, Missouri and other parts of the country.

15:54 Larry talks about safety in the Valley. Listen to what Larry says here about this hot topic!

18:26 "This is one of the world's best kept secrets!" Larry talks about why he loves living here. Learn more about this area in Texas here:

18:57 Don't miss going to Mexico on the Los Ebanos ferry. Learn about this fun, safe and very eclectic border crossing here:

20:05 What is the cost of living like in the Rio Grande Valley? Learn about that here.

21:20 Check out this place for a vacation home in the Rio Grande Valley.

22:00 Rio Grande, Texas is bird watching paradise. Learn more here:

22:50 The Riverside Club is a popular place in the Valley. Check it out here:

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