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30 Day Challenges!

In this episode we visit with Dan and Mira Kenny. Dan has a great retirement gig that keeps him on his toes! Dan is the KING of 30 day challenges. That's right, 30 day challenges! This retired college basketball coach is inspired by completing 30 day challenges. (And oh my, his challenges are challenging to say the least!) He has now completed over 30 months of challenges, learning and growing with each one! We think you are going to love listening to the Kenny's retirement life story.

Show Notes

01:12 Curt's life lesson from his book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:17 A List of Dan's 30 day Challenges and his 365 Day Beer Challenge.

Maaster List of 30 Day Challenges Completed June 2022
Download DOCX • 14KB

Beer of the Day
Download XLSX • 111KB

05:06 Dan's blog

09:00 Dan tells us about his "different beer a day" challenge!

11:25 Dan talks about how he decides which topic is going to be his next 30 day challenge.

12:19 Dan's great quote about retirement! Do something that "improves your mind and gives your time purpose!"

17:53 Dan's favorite challenges. Listen to them here!

21:50 Their least favorite challenge. Listen to it here!

30:37 The "you betcha" moments!

32:15 Their "oh hell, no" moments!

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