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Beautiful Thailand!

Beautiful, exotic Thailand! The land of Siamese cats and Siamese crocodiles. Where orchids and tropical fruits grow wild and home to the world's most visited city, Bangkok! This beautiful country is where you will find our next guest, Doug Mann, and he is loving every minute of his retirement journey! Have you explored the far East? It just might be where your next adventure takes you!

Show Notes

00:49 Curt's life lesson from his best selling book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

04:31 Doug tells us his "why" he and his wife retired to Thailand.

06:49 Doug and his wife live in this beautiful city about an hour flight from Bangkok, Chiang Mai. Learn about this city here:

08:50 Chiang Mai is home to many expats and other retirees from other countries.

09:29 Doug tells us the top reasons why retiring in Thailand is a great idea! Thai food is a delicious cuisine. Learn about some Thai food here:

11:52 Doug tells us the best month to visit Thailand to experience great weather.

12:58 How do you get around Thailand? Learn that here. Be ready for a zillion motor bikes!

15:02 These islands off the coast are picture perfect and great destinations to visit and photograph! Learn about some of them here:

16:46 Staying in Thailand is easy and hotels and AirBnBs are available.

18:20 Doug talks about the cost of living in Thailand.

23:19 Health care and taxes are discussed here.

24:45 Photography is one of Doug's retirement passions. Check out some of his beautiful photos here:

Doug's great final words for the retiree, " Tomorrow is never guaranteed!" We totally agree with him!

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