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Benefits of Retirement Yoga!

When Marie Sennett retired from her career as a busy civil rights lawyer she decided it was time to take hold of her own mental and physical needs. She knew that in order to be her "best" retired self she needed to have a plan for a healthy body and mind. Now, she helps other retirees do the same as a certified yoga teacher and transitional life coach working 1:1 to help her clients get ready to live their dream retirement. We were so happy to talk with Marie and learn about her retirement adventure! She definitely inspired us too!

Show Notes

00:55 Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

02:33 Marie tells us about her stressful but yet successful career as a civil rights lawyer.

04:41 Marie talks about how she started back into yoga preparing to get in her best physical shape and mentally sharp.

05:23 We learn what the difference in between a "good stretch and yoga."

07:55 How does mindfulness/meditation work? Marie tells us that here.

Marie has a healthy, happy glow in retirement!

11:35 Marie talks about the program that she offers to other retirees. Check it out at

15:00 Marie tells us some of her tips for having a meaningful retirement.

17:15 Marie's favorite yoga pose is explored here.

19:58 Marie tells us about the different types of yoga. Learn about them here:

26:50 Marie tells us about her "5 things to think about for retirement" plan.

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