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Daylilies Galore!

Meet Dawn Whitley! We had such a great conversation with her about her "passion" in retirement, her daylilies! Dawn has embraced daylily gardening with a zest just as she did her career as an engineer at the Campbells Soup Company. If you are like me, (Cindy), gardening is a favorite hobby in retirement and it isn't always easy. There is so much to learn to be successful and produce beautiful flower beds. I hope you enjoy learning about her passion as much as I did.

Show Notes

01:03 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here:

04:53 Dawn talks about her career at Campbells!

07:05 Dawn's day lilies are award winning.

08:39 Dawn tells us about the 100,000 + daylily varieties.

Find out what Better Homes and Gardens say about growing daylilies here:

10:43 Dawn talks about her flower beds.

16:03 Dawn tells us a lily maintenance.


18:06 Dawn talks about how she hybridizes her daylilies here.

24:26 Dawn gives us the "secrets" to happy daylily gardens.

26:24 Her special "cocktail" for plant feeding.

28:13 When and how to transplant.

31:06 Dawn talks about her pottery hobby! This is not your typical pottery type!

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