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Ebikes! Keep on riding!!!

Do you dream of the wind in your hair (or what is left of it) as the miles sail by? Do you reminisce about the fun bike riding filled days of your youth? Maybe you have always harbored a secret dream to ride a trail for miles while enjoying the beautiful country side. If this is you, this episode is spot on! We interview Rhonda and Tom from Tennessee as they tour on their ebikes. The ebike world has changed retirement for many bikers. Owning and riding an ebike is a fast new trend in the United States that is making riding a bike a fun and pleasurable hobby for many of us who dreaded head winds and hills in the past. I bet after this show you will be investigating ebike sites and may even be on a waiting list to own your own! Don't forget your helmet!

Show Notes

00:48 Life Lesson from Curt's book, Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can get it here

06:51 Learn about Gazelle bikes here

07:20 Gazelle T-10

07:34 Bike riding in Holland is a beautiful trip

08:14 Class 1 electric bikes are bikes that you still need to pedal

11:20 Dr. Tom tells us the benefits of riding bikes as older citizens

11:27 Be safe when you ride. Wear the correct clothing and have bike lights

15:00 Watch the curves of the curb...ebikes need more room to turn as they are bigger and heavier bikes

Some of their favorite rides/tours so far :

15:24 Natchez Trace

15:51 Comet Trail

16:08 Tanglefoot Trail

16:17 The Goat Mountain Trail

16:22 Smokey Mountains

16:55 Mackinac Island trip planned. Don't plan on bringing your ebike as they are not allowed unless you have a medical permit

18:50 The bike rack that they use is a Thule Easy Fold

23:52 Warm Showers is always looking for good hosts

25:10 Integrated batteries in ebikes are nice also

27:32 Gadgets galore! these great add ons make bike riding safe and fun!

A bike mirror is a must!

Bike seats

Sena R1 Evo helmets

Bike lights (for front and back of your bike)

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