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Get Your S#!T Together! (Legal papers)

Curt and I agree on many things such as dinner plans, vacation destinations, and child rearing techniques. This might be why we are such a good fit as a couple! This episode, Get Your S#!t Together, is one of those decisions. We both believe it is probably one of the most important episodes of our AdventuRetired anthology because we are discussing the legal papers ALL of us should have in place for our loved ones after we are gone and before!

At AdventuRetired we tell you "don't sit too soon", "gray and away" "live your retired life", and many other inspirational quotes, but this episode is more than a quote. This episode talks to us and tells us that we need to get our S#!t together earlier than later in this wonderful life of retirement. We are all mortal and our family members deserve our preplanning in the times ahead.

Show Notes

01:01 A life lesson from Curt's book Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad. You can find it here:

02:36 We meet attorney Nola Jensen.

05:01 First and most important tidbit of estate planning is TALK TO YOUR ATTORNEY NOW!

06:11 Get a Will! Your Will is a very important document that will make end of life decisions carried out the way you want it to go!

10:55 Nola talks about the Living Will and its importance for seniors.

25:00 Who is an Executor? What is their job? Learn about that here.

27:00 What is a Trust? Learn about the different kinds of trusts here.

30:16 HIPA release form is explained here (very important if you have single, adult dependents).

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