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Happy Anniversary AdventuRetired!

Happy anniversary to us! Hard to believe that just one year ago our first podcast episodes dropped into the podcast libraries of all major podcast hosts ! Our vision for this podcast has always been to inspire others at or near retirement age to "Live Your Retired Life" ! We appreciate our guests who share their retirement journeys to help in this inspiration! We never dreamt that we would have so many downloads in one year and be in the Top 20% of podcasts due to these numbers!

Podcasts are relatively new to our age and older people. We are finding that retired people don't have the expertise that the Millennials and Gen Xers do in downloading and subscribing to podcasts. Curt and I have only been podcast listeners for the last five years, but we love them. This is just one more learning curve for the generation who grew up with dial phones with party lines attached to the wall with a cord!

Who would have thought we would become hosts to our own show???? Thanks to all of our subscribers and downloaders for listening to these adventures! You have motivated us and have allowed us to come into your lives with your retirement stories. Also thank you to all of our special guests! You are the real stars of our show and our podcast is successful because you took the time to talk to us and tell us of your amazing adventures in retirement!

We have learned many lessons along the way and we are still learning! Who knew that meeting that stranger in a McDonald's parking lot a year ago and purchasing his podcast equipment would lead to such a fun and successful retirement hobby for us!

Happy Anniversary AdventuRetired!

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