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Less Mess, Less Stress!

One of the many jobs retired people take on is downsizing their homes or the homes of their elderly parents either when they move into a senior living center or when they pass away.

This can be an huge undertaking with lots of stress. What do we keep? What do we throw away? Who gets what? Who wants what? Does someone want this antique dresser from Great Uncle Fred? Who wants or where do I leave my favorite collections?

Kathy shares her experience and knowledge with us and helps us plan for our future. We always say that retirement has different stages, the go-go years, the slow-go years, and the no-go years. When we get to the no-go years many of us think about moving into a smaller home or even assisted living areas. Now is the time to go through those special belongings and to sort and clean. She states we all need to think about the future and how we plan to deal with all of our "stuff."

Show Notes

01:10 Fix the Problem and Other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad

05:25 Kathy took classes to learn about organizing and productivity

08:05 Residuals...Kathy says that we all have items...she calls residuals of past activities and jobs that accumulate and are stored.

09:39 To find an organizer go to the NAPO site and plug in your zip code to find professionals

12:06 What do you do with china and sterling silverware and crystal? If you can't sell it or no family member wants it take a picture of your china or sterling and go to where they may purchase these items for replacements.

6:30 Kathy tells us what to do with all those old photos.

19:45 Cleaning out and donating old unwanted "stuff" and trash is a big job.

24:43 Hire a professional to keep family harmony.

27:14 What do you do with personal papers? Kathy tells us here.

29:20 What is Kathy's strangest thing that she discovered cleaning up? YUCK!!!! Hear about it here!

33:47 Think small to start! Begin your downsizing journey with a closet first! As yourself

"who" "where" "what" ?

35:07 What do you do with mom's collection of thimbles, angels, snowmen.....listen here for a great idea!

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