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So, is retired-ish a real word? It sounds like the title of a new TV sitcom! It is a great question for sure! Michael and Sofia Rohr from Hawaii live this lifestyle and they do very well at it!

Our new definition of retired-ish is : where one spouse works full time and the other spouse works at keeping the first spouse happy! Retirement journeys are all different and unique and being retired-ish suits this great couple perfectly.

After visiting with Sofia and Michael we realize that retirements can inspire us in different ways. What is important to understand is that we all have our own path to retirement travel. They call themselves Sojourners which means "a person who resides temporarily in a place" , and the Rohrs fit that name perfectly! What a great retirement adventure!

Show Notes

00:52 Fix the Problem and other Life Lessons from a Pragmatic Dad You can find Curt's book here!

06:63 Sojourners (someone who travels and lives in new places) The Rohr's lifestyle follows this path.

13:05 Retirement goal of seeing and experiencing all 50 states

14:14 Michael tells us about his day while Sofia is at her job

16:50 Sofia explains how her "traveling lab scientist" job works for them

20:10 Each place they travel and live is a "favorite"

23:56 How do the Rohrs deal with daily living tasks such as mail, banking, and taxes?

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